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January in Granada


Special House Phone

Save a fortune on phone charges

We have a special landline in the villa, with a UK telephone number. It’s best if you request it early, or it might not be there or enabled when you arrive. To use it, just pick up and dial.

Thanks to international mobile roaming rates (very expensive), with 8 of us we used to usually end up spending €150 on calls in a week in Spain, often more, and we used to get charged for receiving calls too, at the same high rates. The Special House Phone cuts out this excess.

The cost of calls to UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, China, Australia is similar.

Some other things it will do for you

How you can get "permission" to use it

Click the box on the reservation form when you book the house, or go to the visitorpages before you set off, and you can reserve it by selecting the amount of call credit you envisage using (in multiples of €15). The phone will be enabled for your use when you arrive if you don't leave this til too late.

We'll send you the phone number to give to your friends before you set off to Granada.