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October 15th, 2018, 7:45 am

We will let you know about availability.

At a later stage, if you decide to make a firm reservation, and when your reservation has been confirmed and paid for, we will give you a password for the visitor info pages.

Meanwhile, if you definitely wish to receive a quote... (or if you have already spoken to us about availability and want request a reservation)... you will need to give us some more details (below). It only takes a moment, but don't miss out any of the boxes ! You are not making any commitment at this stage, and no money is due.



One of the fig trees


Steps beside the middle fountain

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Save a fortune on mobile phone charges abroad. House landline telephone, with London number. Just 2p/minute call rates to most fixed lines in the world, no inbound call charges. €18 Euros (about £12). Read more.
Call credit Select the amount of telephone call credit you would like to buy for the landline.
Mercedes €130 per week, deposit needed
Piano (key on request) €25 per week, deposit needed
Child minder price on application (poa)
Child cot no charge
Extra place settings (beds, linen, kitchen) 10 people standard (poa)
Bicycles (please request) €10 per week
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No payment is due at the moment.

Please read the terms and conditions:  although you are not making any commitment at this stage, no reservations can be taken before the form is completed and the booking conditions read.

You should also make sure you have looked through the web site, and in particular read the descriptions on the villa and price pages.