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Have a Thai Yoga massage laid on for you in the house & gardens in Granada....

How about a view like this, while your body is soothed into holiday mood in the villa or the gardens....?

Or take a trip to Nikita's Granada retreat

Massage: 180 view from the house over ancient centre of Granada Spain

Thai Yoga massage is very special. While in Granada, would you and your fellow guests like a masseuse to visit the house, and help your body get into that wonderful relaxed holiday state, not to mention greater health ?

Nikita was introduced to me by the chef. She is a highly qualified Thai Yoga specialist masseuse, and is on call to provide treatments in the Carmen de Santa Ana, or in her retreat situated on the Moorish hill of the Sacromonte (with incredible views of the Alhambra and Granada), or in the 5 star spa Hotel Nazaries.

For more information or booking details please contact her directly, using the box below.

  • Applied Yoga massage for postural re-alignment, correction of uneven muscle tone and body balancing.
  • Treatment of all muscular/skeletal conditions through
    joint manipulation, muscle stretching and deep tissue
  • Combined Sen energy line treatment and acupressure
    to treat most medical conditions, clear blockages
    and improve energy flow.
  • Qualified masseuse trained in Thailand and the UK.




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