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The remarkable weather in Granada

January - a view from Albiaicin

July - in the shade of the vines

Plaza Nueva in the sun

August in the pool

January in Granada

Here is a typical question about the weather, received from a North European visitor

I am making enquiries with my immediate and extended family about renting your villa in August for 10 people.
My parents are in their 70's and find heat difficult. I would be very much obliged if you could advise me on the general temperature in Granada around this date, as I noticed the villa does not have air conditioning (but is in the mountains).

Here is the answer sent by email

Without writing on essay on Granada brief: We don't have air conditioning since we really don't seem to need it. There are three main reasons for this. First, the villa and gardens are on the right side of the hill to avoid the intense sun. Second, Granada is in the mountains, and third, there is a lot of shade in the lush gardens. Perhaps some other points should be made: it's a dry heat, the house is well ventilated, and then there is the swimming pool for those that like a dip.

Perhaps the most significant point is that Granada (2,500 ft at my house) is 10,000 feet directly below the Sierra Nevada (3,500 metres altitude, and higher than Val d'isere). "Sierra Nevada" means "Snowy mountains" in English! At night, the cold mountian air slides down the hills and refreshes the city. Mornings are the shops are open then...they shut from 1.30 to 5.00 for everyone to enjoy the hot part of the summer days eating, drinking and our case under the grape vines in the garden overlooking the old Roman and Arabic parts of the city. Even during the hottest part of the midsummer day, most people seem to find the temperature under the vines and in the gardens to be very agreeable indeed.

My parents, who are getting on bit (76, 84), tend to spend large parts of their holidays in Granada in the gardens, since the temperature there is so pleasant and they enjoy the shade. The views are so spectacular, there is much to see, and Mum loves painting.

In winter the weather is cold up in the mountians..the skiing season normally runs from about 1st December to mid April, but the city can be getting quite warm by the end of February. The house has full gas central heating, which generally gets used between November and March.