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The light, the colours and the beauty in Granada have always attracted artists.

Carmen de Santa Ana has become a mecca for artists to come and live, with its astonishing location, its views, its gardens. The vibrant atmosphere of the old city centre, the beauty of the Alhambra and the serenity of the gardens of Carmen de Santa Ana beneath the castle walls contribute, to say the least, to an unusual and stimulating combination.


On the upper terrace.

Jane Corsellis NEAC RWS RCA, a successful and respected artists in Britain, stayed recently and painted in the gardens.

. The kitchen

The November 2006 exhibition of her work at Messums in London includes several of her Spanish works, including four painted in oil on canvas Carmen de Santa Ana.

The tower

“It is a pleasure to see painting that has charm but is never showy, that always relates closely to the subject, but is never pedantic or so sure of itself as to fall back on formulae, or the ‘mixture as before’.

“Jane Corsellis has a natural vigour of touch, a love for her medium, which give a definite personality to everything she does. This goes with an enquiring mind that is not easily satisfied and will go on modifying, repainting, pushing towards further realisation. However she is able to do this without losing the freshness of her colour and vigour of her handling.

“Landscapes, figures, interiors: these are subjects which are inexhaustible for any painter that finds the visible world a continual stimulus. Her landscape subjects nowadays concentrate on the coastal region of Wales where she spends part of each year. The interiors range from a model in her studio to the impressive palaces of St Peter’s in Rome and the Mesquita in Cordoba.”

Bernard Dunstan, RA Foreword to Jane Corsellis's exhibition at Messums

Bedroom balcony