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Have private spanish lessons laid on for you in the house & gardens....

Learn Spanish in the villa....



How about a view like this, while you learn spanish for a few hours....

180 view from the house over ancient centre of Granada Spain

Granada is in fact a very popular destination for people from all over the world as a place to come and learn Spanish. There are several intensive language schools, some of which operate to very high standards.

Several visitors have asked about learning or improving their Spanish while they spend a week or two in Carmen de Santa Ana. I actually first came to Granada to learn at one of the schools mentioned above, and have come into contact with a small number of teachers that I can put you in touch with, and who are willing, nay happy, to come up to the villa and give private one-to-one lessons, or lessons to small groups (given sufficient notice, and subject to their availability).

Rather than act as a go-between and try to sort something out for you that matches what you are looking for, I've found it's easier for all, and more effective, to put you in touch with them directly.

Fill in the box below, making sure you explain if it's one person or a group, your current ability (beginner, can get by, intermediate, advanced), how much time you would like to spend learning, any preferences for morning / afternoon / evening, and anything else which is relevant...such as preference for conversation or grammar. Don't forget to say when you are going to be in Granada.


Talk directly to the language teacher about your requirements

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